Glen James - Positional Papers

Outline of the Upper Room Discourse

Jesus and disciples in the upper roomThe purpose of this outline is to walk the reader through the Upper Room Discourse led by Jesus Christ and transcribed by the Apostle John in Chapters 13 – 17 of his Gospel.

The outline consists of a broad area of the discourse supported and detailed further in subsection points.  Each of the points are followed by a brief explanation as to what Jesus was providing in my perspective as a result of Dr. Pentecost’s class on the Upper Room.

John records the revelation of Jesus Christ to his disciples at the end of their journey in this world with Him.  This meeting precedes the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of our Lord.  He speaks with great love and mercy for His disciples as He prepares to leave them and ascend to heaven.  Jesus discourse is meant to inform, prepare, and equip His disciples for what will soon come, with a special emphasis on the sending of a Helper – the Holy Spirit.

Complete Paper For Download Here: outline-of-the-upper-room-discourse.pdf