Glen James - Positional Papers

Personal View of Sanctification

SanctificationThe purpose of this paper is to serve as a capstone to our time and study during ST 105 combining research and knowledge gained from many of the recommended resources and lectures. Most notable is the book “5 views of sanctification” as is had a practical approach for me to see, measure, and evaluate how God’s word to bring forth sanctification into the lives of those saved. Engrained in this assignment is the fact sanctification has both a corporate purpose and individual purpose to transform a saved human being over the course of time nearer to the image of God and the likeness of Jesus Christ. While my view does not align perfectly with any one of the 5 major views (Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Keswick, Reformed, and Augustine / Dispensationalist), the view I hold at this point is weighted towards the Augustine / Dispensationalist position. The paper will acknowledge the views, however the purpose remains to detail my own personal convictions of sanctification not to simply evaluate other viewpoints / processes.

Complete Paper For Download Here: Sanctification Master.pdf