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Disabled AmericansDid you know we have over 57 million people in our own country experience some type of disability? Interestingly, the vast majority receive little or no interaction with the local church body. Why?

As part of a class on sufferings is this life – I had to experience life in a wheelchair for a day. The experience change the way I understand folks who have to endure this daily and shifted my entire paradigm concerning disabled people. Friends, we have no idea how fortunate we are to have our legs and the fact we are able to see life standing up.

My day started with a major challenge of getting around the house – pouring coffee brought on a whole new danger! Granted, there could be many alterations done to ones home for better accommodation – but having absolutely everything out of reach, along with the most mundane tasks becoming mountains – is the norm in the life of our disabled friends.

As my daughter and I journeyed out – the hassle of simple packing the chair in her truck was laborious and challenging – for without her truck there would not have been enough room. The hardest part was getting in and out of a chair… what does one do if they are alone without help?

As we enter stores – we were met with tow types of people – one ignored us by “acting busy” and the other went overboard overwhelming us with help. By overboard, I mean treated us like we were unable to do anything – an infant child. I found as I sat in the chair – I simply wanted to be treated as I am with legs (equal)… and for the entire journey this never happened. People were simply uncomfortable and had no desire to seek to understand what I could do….. instead they focused on my restraints.

Please know – we are all one step away from being disabled… you know as well as I a car could come out of no where at anytime… and you to are in a chair. So, instead of avoidance and subconsciously thinking this won’t happen to us – we need to engage these 57 million – with Christ and in discipleship. Need an example of what this looks like? Read about our Savior’s work!