Why Do Men Choose Not to Attend ChurchA number of sources in order a compile the information below. Most of the sources have been personal interviews, media, current events, and the public square related sources. Very little came from literary resources simply because of the need to understand the current state and behaviors. I am convinced trends lend little help because of the absence of such issues as social media and new forms of communication (texting) impacting in the trend itself.

Communications due to technology has put all men in a fish bowl required to operate in a state of readiness in terms of communication / action. Regardless of the day or time, men are expected in the marketplace to respond 24/7. If they don’t – someone else will and that translates into loss revenue and loss wages. This constant state of readiness takes a toll on men as they attempt to manage both work and family using a blackberry on the soccer field watching Johnny play.

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Leaders in goodchristian-goodhusbandsChristian ministry often make the mistake of making the "ministry" equivalent to God in the sense of priorities in their life. While God is in our ministry - our ministry is our work - not to be placed in the same realm of priorities as God. Some leaders fall into a trap of telling their spouse / family that "church work" deserves the same honor and priority as God Himself. This can be damaging to the marriage, family, and God Himself.

In the book Good Christian / Good Husbands - the author takes a careful look at how three famous evangelists balanced the needs of thier ministry and family. The choices impact generations to follow in each of thier families…

Disabled AmericansDid you know we have over 57 million people in our own country experience some type of disability? Interestingly, the vast majority receive little or no interaction with the local church body. Why?

As part of a class on sufferings is this life – I had to experience life in a wheelchair for a day. The experience change the way I understand folks who have to endure this daily and shifted my entire paradigm concerning disabled people. Friends, we have no idea how fortunate we are to have our legs and the fact we are able to see life standing up.

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