Glen James - Biography

glen-james-bio-treeI was born and raised in Fort Worth by parents who made sure I was exposed to the gospel repeatedly as a child. I have also been blessed with two older sisters who have been a stable influence on my life.

My childhood community in southwest Fort Worth provided a perfect model of how kids should be able to journey through the enjoyable years of youth. I had many neighborhood friends and campouts were common for our group of rambunctious boys. On one special occasion, at age 13, gjpreach crestI was led to saving faith in Jesus Christ by an older neighborhood friend and God set a new course for my life. A short time later this blessed friend, Kenny White, went to be with the Lord as a result of a medical condition.

During high school I attended and was baptized at Wedgewood Baptist Church, worked and was a three-year letterman in golf. After graduation, I pursued a degree in business marketing at the University of North Texas. There, I met my soul mate, Tammy Underwood, who became Tammy James. We became one and set out for the journey ahead, beginning life together in Fort Worth.

glen-tammy-james-bio-sepiaAs a newlywed, I worked as a salesman for a national printing company, marketing printed products to area businesses. In 1988, both Tammy and I lost our earthly fathers. After this difficult time, an opportunity arose for me to pursue a promotion to the company’s corporate offices in Chicago, so we packed up our belongings and, with a dog named “Buckwheat,” headed to the Windy City.

After a short stint in Chicago, I was advanced back into the field as a sales manager in the San Antonio market. The challenge was steep, as the sales operation had been losing money for many months. But, the Lord blessed me with success in this endeavor, and during this time gave us our first son, Garrett. After his birth, the company moved Glen to Houston to pursue similar opportunities.

In Chicago, San Antonio and Houston we enjoyed a wonderful Bible churches. We facilitated and led small groups in each city and I invested in discipling other men and being discipled myself. During these first few years of ministry the Lord sent a daughter, Delaney, to the James family. After three years of service in Houston, I was relocated back to Fort Worth.

glen-james-kids-bioNo long after returning to my hometown, I resigned as a sales manager and partnered with my friend Frank to start our own printing company; we began a 15-year journey of building a business and watching the Lord use it to bless others. Soon after launching, the Lord blessed Tammy and I with our last bundle of joy, Matthew.

During this time we attended a startup church in Keller and grew along with it, facing many moves, building programs and other growth challenges. I served on multiple church boards and in numerous roles, including overseeing men’s ministry and serving as deacon. This time brought many challenges and joys, by God’s grace, the church grew from 30 to 800 members. Similarly, the business expanded from two to 50 employees, with customers located throughout the United States and Europe. Both ministries provided a faith-driven journey that resulted in greater insight and character for all involved.

During those years our children grew up in a Christianglen-james-family-color-on-bw atmosphere, and all placed their faith in Jesus Christ by His grace alone. Their journeys have included many obstacles and joys as well, but the Lord always pulled them through and united them along the way. We’re now nearly empty nesters, with Matthew in college, Delany working as a nurse and Garrett married and the father of our only grandchild.

All roads came to a pinnacle in 2009 as the Lord made it clear I was to prepare for full-time ministry. After a year of praying, contemplating and wrestling with the Lord I surrendered and committed to a change from which I could not look back. Within months I sold my business along with our three-acre horse ranch, and was accepted into the Master of Theology program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

My time in seminary brought more challenges and transformation than I experienced during the previous 25 years. But, God brought me through and used this time to equip me for pastoral ministry. Just prior to my graduation from DTS in 2013, the Lord called me to minister at Christ Chapel Bible Church. Since then, I’ve been blessed to serve as Life Stage 4 Pastor, shepherding approximately 2,200 members in their 40s and 50s by loving and teaching them well to support their journeys in life and in Christ.

In my spare time I enjoy golf, cycling, sports and just about anything outdoors. And, above all, I enjoy people—and all that comes with them.